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Consult with a Los Angeles Executive Employment Attorney Who Can Help You Make the Right Decisions

While discussing an executive employment contract involves many of the same considerations as negotiating an agreement for any other employment position, executives must address a variety of additional considerations as well. At Attorneys for Employees, we bring decades of experience to advising and representing executives during contract negotiations; and, if you’ve been offered a contract us to help guide you forward.

Our team is led by Founding Partner Gerald L. Sauer. Mr. Sauer has been representing executives in contract negotiations and contract-related disputes for more than 35 years. He has been recognized as a Southern California Super Lawyer continuously since 2005, and he holds the highest possible peer review rating from Martindale-Hubbell. Partner Sonya Goodwin has extensive experience in contract discussions as well, and she has exclusively been practicing employment law in Los Angeles for well over a decade.

Taking Control of the Negotiation Process

As an executive, you are used to being in control, and you are used to negotiating deals with your company’s best interests in mind. As a result, entering into contract negotiations with a prospective employer can be somewhat of an unfamiliar position. At the outset of executive contract discussions, the company is typically in control; and, while you need to protect your personal interests, you also need to make sure you do not jeopardize what you hope to be a long-term and mutually profitable relationship.

This is where hiring an experienced attorney comes into play. At Attorneys for Employees, we rely on our experience to take control of the negotiation process. We open an amicable and constructive dialogue and make clear that while we are committed to making the relationship work, we are also committed to protecting our client. Setting this expectation up front sets the tone for the negotiations that follow, and it puts us in a position of strength. We then systematically address all pertinent contract provisions, leveraging our client’s capabilities, reputation and experience while calling out provisions that we know (and that the company’s lawyers know) are unreasonably one-sided.

Negotiating the Key Terms in Your Contract

In a typical executive contract negotiation, it will be necessary to address several key terms in order to arrive at a reasonable agreement that satisfactorily addresses the concerns of both parties. This includes executive compensation benefits  As a client of Attorneys for Employees, you can expect your attorney to negotiate provisions including (but not limited to):

  • Signing Bonus – We negotiate our clients’ signing bonuses as well as any claw-back provisions that companies may seek to impose. Signing bonuses can vary greatly in amount, and they can take on a variety of different structures.
  • Base Salary and Other Bonuses – We negotiate our clients’ base salaries and other bonuses based on industry standards and what our clients’ bring to the table. While companies may fall back on their history, what a previous executive earned is irrelevant to the amount you deserve to receive for your services.
  • Perks and Benefits – From relocation assistance and expense accounts to insurance coverage and vacation time, contracts can (and generally should) provide for a broad range of perks and benefits.
  • Equity – Equity is a key consideration when negotiating a contract as well. Company shares, vested and unvested stock options, restricted stock units, profit interests and other forms of equity can all increase the attractiveness of employment offers and add appropriate incentives.
  • Golden Handcuffs and Golden Parachutes – Golden handcuffs are designed to keep executives on board for a minimum period of time, while golden parachutes protect executives in the event of a change in control. Both are typically the subject of significant discussions during the contract negotiation process.  
  • Extensions, Termination and Severance – Extensions, termination, and severance packages are all key terms as well. Here too, we work closely with our clients and rely on our extensive experience to help our clients secure favorable terms.

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