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Los Angeles Employment Lawyer


You work hard and deserve to be treated fairly in the workplace. A Los Angeles employment lawyer can help if you are concerned about a workplace situation that impacts your rights as an employee.

Employers can obtain guidance from trained professionals in dealing with workplace issues. Typically, the same is not true for employees. Attorneys for Employees is a boutique law firm dedicated to protecting the rights of workers - people just like you! 

Our Los Angeles employment lawyers understand how intimidating it can be to confront an employer. Our goal is to educate you about the law, explain your rights and options, and guide you through the legal process to a successful outcome. Our Los Angeles employment lawyers specialize in vindicating the rights of employees in a wide range of employment matters, including wrongful termination, harassment (sex, race, religion, and other protected classes), discrimination, whistleblowing, disability, medical leave, breach of contract, negotiation of severance agreements, and wage and hour disputes.

Attorneys for Employees is dedicated to representing employees. Contact an experienced Los Angeles employment lawyer. 

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Practice Areas

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Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is alarmingly common. It’s important to speak to a lawyer about your rights whether you are a full-time or part-time employee.

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Employment Contracts

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Executive Employment Contracts

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Wrongful Termination

No matter the reason, losing your job is traumatic. You may have been wrongfully terminated if you lost your job for any reason that is illegal.

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Workplace harassment is a serious legal issue for employees. In California, any harassment based on a person’s sex, sexual orientation, skin color, race, religious beliefs, and other protected classes is illegal.

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Unfair treatment or discrimination in the workplace based on sex, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, age, marital status, and other protected classes is illegal in California and under federal law.

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Whistleblower & Other Retaliation

It is a brave act to blow the whistle on your employer’s misconduct, such as waste of funds, fraud, abuse, illegal conduct, and dangers to public health and safety. As a result, you may experience whistleblower retaliation including possible termination. Your rights are protected under California and federal law. 


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Medical Leave & Reasonable Accommodation

Disability and FMLA discrimination is against the law in California. Eligible employees have the right to unpaid leave without losing their job under the FMLA. Employers must also provide reasonable accommodations in the workplace for employees with physical or mental disabilities. 

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Breach of Contract

An employer may breach a contract by, for example, failing to pay wages or denying benefits. If your employer broke any terms of an employment agreement, you may be able to recover damages, including lost pay, or other damages.

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Severance Agreement

It can be a stressful and emotional situation when your employment is terminated. Securing severance pay is primarily based on negotiation as it is not required by law in California. We can help negotiate compensation and other considerations before you sign your agreement.

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Wage Disputes & Unpaid Wages

Wage and Hour Disputes are the most common form of employment litigation in the United States. Non-exempt employees are protected under California and federal law to earn the state or local minimum wage, overtime, and paid breaks. You may be eligible for compensation if you were not provided with what you are legally entitled to under the law.



“Gerald Sauer and Sonya Goodwin helped to resolve my wrongful termination/discrimination dispute with my former employer. Having worked so hard for many years as a C-suite corporate executive, it was difficult to acknowledge that I was being treated unfairly and was a victim of discrimination. Gerald and Sonya held my hand through the entire process and gave me the confidence to stand up for myself. They were top notch and very skilled in developing legal strategies, and they were extremely patient. They fought for me every step of the way and put my interests first. After multiple mediation sessions, they guided me to a fair and equitable resolution with my former employer.  I highly recommend them! ”

Anonymous, C-Level Executive

“I highly recommend Gerald and Sonya to represent employees.  In my case, they knew and explained the law, assessed all of the pros and cons involving my situation and guided me to a favorable resolution.  I was impressed by their tenacity in continuing to negotiate a settlement after a full-day mediation had failed to result in a settlement.  The bottom-line is that they care about their clients and do their utmost to passionately represent their interests.”

Kevin, Former Vice President, Footwear Company